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The book series takes on challenging questions related to the Bible’s position on slavery. Click image for more information. To receive book release notices, click here. 

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A platform that houses a network of social media spaces for change agents in areas such as education, health, technology, economic, family, faith, politics, and community. Be a  Crowd Organizer. We provide technology and processes. You focus on your Crowd’s planning and organization, content, membership, eCommerce revenue strategies, etc. 




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  1. Jesus Rock

    Hello everyone, lookup "image of Jesus on a rock" 4 Amazing videos of this discovery is on YouTube, this unusual Rock was investigated and validated by the news not be man made as you will see in the videos. God Bless Everyone!

  2. Linda Stewart Cooper

    Thank God for you! One voice that will cause others to step forward!

  3. Steven Hamilton

    when did you join the more majority…………………. LOL

  4. Angela Diane Chambers

    This is great. Nice to have a forum where we can have intelligent conversations about the things that affect us, our families and friends.

  5. Karla Chenault Kennard

    Seamless entry into the blog even with the new server. Yay!

  6. Chanda Monroe-Williams

    Great site!

  7. Dennis Jefferson


  8. Tara Smith

    OMG, LOVE IT Ken!

  9. Logged in this time to see if it looked different logged in vs not. And, reset my password. All worked fine. This has become really polished. Love the slider at the top with article summaries.

  10. Again saying, hello. This time using my Google account!

    1. KCK

      The new template is very strong. Looks great.

  11. And again saying hi. This time from Google!

  12. KCK

    Tested my Tweet!

  13. Kenneth D. Price (aka bloggerken)

    Just another hello and thanks you for vising. This time, I’m commenting from Twitter!

  14. KCK

    Looks GREAT!

  15. KCK

    Hello! Great progress.

  16. I look forward to seeing you here for conversations to come. I’m posting this comment from my Facebook account.

  17. Can’t wait!

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