Jul 02 2013

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Lagrant Anthony, author and social critic

Lagrant Anthony, author and social critic



Recently, I came across a most unique perspective on the George Zimmerman trial in the killing of Trayvon Martin.  By posting this article, kennethdprice.com seeks to broaden and enrich the public’s discussions on this case. Please be sure to offer your feedback and general thoughts on the topic.

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As the death of the son of Joseph, Jesus Christ, was a sacrifice for the benefit of mankind, Trayvon Martin’s death was a sacrifice, which will in the end, benefit mankind. Neither the death of Jesus nor the death of Trayvon was justified. However their violent death magnifies the wickedness of this world and illuminates the injustice inherent within a kingdom built upon satanic principles. As with Jesus, Trayvon’s sacrifice has given birth to a new era of truth and justice in America. 

A “not guilty” verdict is the only verdict that will expose the “status quo injustice” that exists in Sanford Florida. A “not guilty” verdict is the only verdict that will expose the manifest unjust legal, political, social and cultural oppression and inhuman treatment of African Americans who reside in Sanford Florida. Since the inception of American slavery, African Americans’ that live in Sanford Florida have never been treated with equal deference to their white counterparts. In Sanford Florida, as in other parts of America, life of an African American is not equally valued to that of white Europeans. This racial discrimination based upon the color of one’s skin, is manifested in the legal, political and economic realities of all African Americans who reside in Sanford Florida. As in other parts of America, white Europeans in Sanford Florida are infected with the mental psychosis of “white racial superiority and black racial inferiority” that also infected their ancestors and the founding fathers of America. 

The murder, oppression and humiliation of African Americans who live in Sanford Florida are so common place that it has become an acceptable way of living. Racial discrimination has become a viable and socially acceptable “custom”, “tradition” and “practice”. An invisible institution. 

A “guilty” verdict in this case would give the on looking world a “false impression” of the unjust and racist reality imposed on African Americans living in Sanford Florida. A guilty verdict would give the impression that racial injustice, racial discrimination and racial oppression of African Americans’ in Sanford Florida does not exist. A guilty verdict would simply be mis leading of the unjust and oppressive racial conditions imposed on African Americans that reside in Sanford Florida. A guilty verdict would help to hide the truth concerning the racial oppression of African Americans living in Sanford Florida. 

A “not guilty” verdict would not only strengthen the status quo conditions of racial oppression in Sanford Florida and America ; but a not guilty verdict would embolden the wicked and psychotic mindset of white Americans infected with the century old delusional psychosis called “white supremacy.”

Like Jesus Christ, if Trayvon’s death is to truly be a sacrifice for the benefit of mankind, a not guilty verdict must be rendered. A not guilty verdict is the only verdict that will represent a gross, but common place, injustice that will expose the wicked disease of racial oppression that exists in Sanford Florida and throughout America.

What will happen if the verdict is not guilty? In addition to strengthening institutional racism and reinforcing a socially acceptable delusional psychosis infecting white Americans, commonly referred to as, racism, i.e. The belief in white racial supremacy and black racial inferiority; a few foolish descendants of former slaves in Tampa and Miami Florida will surely protest by rioting. Al Sharpton will be sent out by his white handlers to reason with these descendants of field Negro slaves. The descendants of former slave owners will call out Jessie if things get too messy. He can always come up with the right rhyme at the appropriate time. This occasion will be used as a “practice session” for the eventual placement of Negros in FEMA camps.


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