Open Letter to Jewish Author Ben Stein on Racist Comments about President Obama (Sign Petition)


Dear Mr. Benjamin Jeremy Stein:


Recently, I viewed a clip of your appearance on the Steve Malzberg Show that discussed the Paris attack and President Obama’s response to it. During the conversation, you indicated an interest in psychology and psychoanalysis. Then you asserted that President Obama has “hatred” for America.

As if your false assertion was factual (as opposed to the manifestation of some hidden demons), you then posited why the President harbored these supposed hostilities towards our country. One of your theories is that Obama hates America because he is “part black”.

You, Mr. Stein, were in a friendly environment on that talkshow. These comments went unchallenged in a way that even a neophyte journalist would have summarily done so. And to be candid, two distinct influence enable this kind of irresponsible conversation to be increasingly more rule than exception. First, this is a when racist overtures are a welcomed fixture in American life. From denigrating our President to demonizing blacks in controversial police actions, racist subterfuge is not only common but also (to some) synonymous with protecting traditional values. Second, your statements fill a national echo chamber which cultural identity hides Jewish people from public critique and criticism.

Strong as they are, these two influences have no place in a civilized nation. But as with an oncologist that in duties to suggest that a stomach is only “gas” (i.e., indigestion), so are these two influences untreated when American citizens operate as if they do not exist. Here then, even the most divisive, unproductive, and outlandish comments scratch the itching ears of racists and linger as if they are true.

America can be a better nation only when the tone and actions of everyday Americans reflect the nation’s symbolism and creed. Otherwise, American exceptionalism is essentially American mythology. No more of a reality than Juan Ponce de León’s fountain of youth.

Suffice to say that your comments failed miserably to reflect American values. And Steve Malzberg, also Jewish, was complicit in your failure. Further, when such intellectually disingenuous comments go unchallenged, this implicates Americans who heard these comments and committed the sin of (what my late father would say), “Turning one’s head and walking away.

This open letter comes so as to not turn my head. It is not about President Obama, per se, as I have written extensively in opposition to some of the Administration’s policies. There is a larger purpose of requesting that you take serious inventory.  Namely, that in this critical season in our nation’s history, commercially marketable veiled racism is anti-American. Inhumane. Venomous. And unacceptable.

Mr. Stein, you possess not a single thread of undeniable evidence that President Obama hates America. Seven years into his presidency, people of your yoke have projected this fallacy onto an American public that all too often spares sources from validating the accusation in an objective, non-partisan manner.  In-fact, while packing fringe presuppositions might work in the legal profession, in entertainment outlets that pose as “news”, and with polarizing groups, there is nothing scientific about your assertion. Hence, unpacking your comments begins at citing the lack of solid proof that President Obama hates our country.

Has the President, for instance, published statements that he hates America? Has the First Lady gone on-record with a White House tell-all that conveys direct conversations with her husband which confirm this supposed hatred? Mr. Stein, have you asked the President this question and have you recorded comments that affirm your position? Has President Obama taken a polygraph that reveals some hidden hostility?

I challenge you, Mr. Stein, to exercise skills attained at Yale Law School to present your explicit proof that this President hates the United States of America. And allow me to add this challenge, be ready to superimpose your so-called evidence against other Presidents as this charge of hatred has uniquely fallen on President Obama.

Until then, your comments reek of your own hatred. A racism cloaked in rhetoric that markets well in the smoldering atmosphere of racial tension that grips our nation. I assert that the pot (i.e., you) are calling the kettle, black. Not offering infallible proof and quickly moving to reasons for an unsubstantiated claim is the height of racism. Consequently, I now offer my own hypothesis of what drives the hatred in your unwarranted comments.

Perhaps, you are the lineage of a converted European Jewry in Khazaria and not Semitic, genetically. As such, you hate other [darker] peoples of the Middle East and Africa that are in-fact genetically connected to the land now occupied by the State of Israel.

Perhaps, Mr. Stein, you boil in a kind of neuroticism towards largely blacks, knowing that Jews crucified Jesus Christ – the God of a large segment of the black community. The same Jesus that the Talmud suggests is boiling in hell in his feces. The same Jesus hailed in the Holy Bible that Jews have told me personally is a “false book”. Does your hatred of blacks run so deep because of our love for the Jesus whom the Jews crucified? 

32 This Jesus hath God raised up, whereof we all are witnesses.
33 Therefore being by the right hand of God exalted, and having received of the Father the promise of the Holy Ghost, he hath shed forth this, which ye now see and hear.
34 For David is not ascended into the heavens: but he saith himself,
The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand,
35 Until I make thy foes thy footstool.
36 Therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly, that God hath made that same Jesus,
whom ye have crucified, both Lord and Christ.
Acts 2: 32-36


Perhaps, Mr. Stein, your love for America is only as deep as America’s willingness to respond to the dictates of the State of Israel. That President Obama’s audacity to not cower to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu infuriates you.

The most egregious aspect of your hypothesis is to insinuate that to be black in America is to necessarily hate America. Indeed, your comments are laced with irony and hypocrisy.  What poll have you read that blacks overwhelming hate America? When was the last time you spent ten minutes in a black church where African Americans pray with fervor for healing, safety, and health of our nation – the very nation that to-date has not compensated blacks for slavery, but rather followed a course of racial hostility? When was the last time you visited an Historically Black College or University (HBCU) where black youth, that are often criticized right wing closet bigots and marginalized by left wing panderers, are sharpening their young minds to contribute to the progress of our nation?

Have you sat in the homes of blacks whose children are hostage to failing schools and whose household tax dollars go to Israel? Are blacks burning the American flag as black children at-home are less worthy of the resources black taxpayers must export to the Jewish [children] in Israel?

Mr. Stein, when did you last sit with members of Black-Greek Letter Organizations (BGLOs) that serve under-invested communities and, by extension, serve our nation?

You worked for the Nixon Administration and a President that harbored deep resentment for blacks that, incidentally, supported him with 32 percent of our votes. Nixon that called blacks “niggers” and “bastards” on more than one occasion. The Republican Nixon who, by his own words, was perfectly fine with abortion that ended the lives of black babies. Perhaps, African Americans should question linkages that reveal a darker side to your pious persona.

And before you wrap yourself in Mel Gibson-like claims of me being an “anti-Semite”, I would not be surprised in the slightest sense to learn that my blood is more connected to Semitic ancients more than the Europeans who claim Judaism today.

Further, that charge falls on deaf ears that know Semites are not just Jews, but encompass peoples of Turkey, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Jordan, and other countries. Many consider Zionists to be antisemitic, welcoming military attacks on nations such as Iran, Lebanon, and Syria where Semitic people largely reside; not to mention Yemen, the only 100 percent Semitic nation in the world.

As a person of African descent, I come from a people that knows horrors like non other in the entire history of mankind; including slavery in which Jews participated. To make idiotic assertions about my people, while hiding behind antisemitism charges when you are challenged is tantamount to demanding that blacks be subservient to the most blatant forms of [Jewish] bigotry towards blacks.

Time has long since pass for Jews to stop taking license to undermine African Americans, then clothing in post-Hitler empathy as if they are above reproach and their lives more valuable. Time out for (African American) Christians, the chosen people of God in Jesus Christ, recoiling in fear at the most basic idea of speaking out against racist Jewish undercurrents that flow beneath black life in American society. God does not extend some special privilege to Jews and others to castigate on an entire group of people that has, in reality, in many ways supported the offspring of people who participated in the enslavement of our people of African descent; attaining wealth through primary, secondary, and tertiary economies grounded in an evil institution.

Further, hiding behind that kind of antisemitism retort raises the question, “What should Christians such as myself think of people like you who welcome the destruction of territories when Christian Palestinians live and worship? Are these actions anti-Christ?

Mr. Stein, Zionists complain when America does not carryout certain geopolitical aspirations? I’ve heard you raise such complaints.

But in all the hatred you make synonymous with being black, African Americans we have lost lives in wars in which you have not fought. Your love bypassed the wars that have maimed blacks. Left blacks mentally tormented. And worst, resulted in mangled black bodies returning home in boxes. Service that your supposed “love” for this country did not produce. But you have the arrogance to define black Americans that have shown a love arguably more persistent and mysterious, given the historical backdrop of slavery, jim crow, and disparate conditions. While you were preparing yourself at Yale to make millions, black men were returning from being bombed and shot to live in substandard conditions and under discriminatory social structures. And to come through this ongoing history and to land on indictments that you levy against uniquely patriotic black Americans exudes hypocrisy, arrogance, and evil.

Your comments were deplorable. Poisonous. Such statements resonate in the sea of ignorance that inculcates certain segments of American society. Segments that find legitimacy in seductive bigotry when delivered on a platter of Ivy League credentials.

Mr. Stein, you no more reflect the American spirit than the terrorists you claim want to harm our nation. Quite frankly, we have proven ourselves to be more powerful than attacks from without. But America cannot live up to her creed until she moves beyond the attacks from within. To a nation that raises Lady Liberty, your sentiments that implicate 42 million African Americans are more deadly than ISIL or anthrax could ever be.

And for that reason, you owe America, President Obama, and African Americans an apology.

Now, you can choose to double-down in covert racism and arrogance. Then Americans of goodwill, tired of charged rhetoric, have a moral compass in God to know that your comments were not simply poor judgment, but more so signal something intrinsically troublesome operating inside of you. It’s your life. Your commercial enterprise. Your soul. But, by this, the public serves notice that nothing redeeming is found in the sentiments you expressed. Absolutely, nothing.

Ben Stein, Apologize to America, President Obama, and African Americans

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