Pausing for this Prayer in 2013




As we say goodbye to 2012, pauses to offer this prayer for 2013.

As God directed and allowed this blog to come into existence in 2012 with purposes rooted in God, this prayer is for you, for me, and for this resource. I pray that we touch and agree on this prayer. That in it, we can together say, Amen.




I pray right now,

in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

that each person who shall read this message

walks in the promises of God.

That this walk so reveals an image of you

in my life and in the life of the reader

that when someone asks, “What does God look like“,

another can point to us and say.

God looks like that“.


Make us an instrument of your love, and grace,

and mercy, and truth, and love of justice,

and ministry of peace. 

We desire more of you in 2013.

What took root in 2012 is not enough, Lord.

Give us more of you this year.

Flood our gates with your character. Your nature.


Lord, let our walk manifest blessings and breakthroughs

that 2012 could only imagine.

God make these known, not simply for our benefit,

but more importantly, that your Name receives

more honor, more glory in the earth. 


And I place my life in and commit my future to your hands.

I give you license to invade my plans,

crash my party,

with your Will for my life.

Give me a measure of faith to not only recognize your callings,

but also to be faithful to them.


For all who agree in this prayer,

we are grateful for the immeasurable goodness you extended in 2012.

We pray that what hindered in 2012,

be made a footstool in 2013;

indeed, to the things that Heaven has prepared.

That every reader finds favor before you, Lord,

and before men.


I speak into existence,

by the power of intercession and

through the power of your authority,

an unleashing of relationship

between you and the reader like never before.


And by this, I call to flight your ministering angels

to touch the hidden places of our spirit

with a fresh assurance of your providence in our lives.

Indeed, I pray this prayer of protection, Lord

over the life of the reader,

whether of mine an enemy or friend.

I pray this for such is your Will that we should always pray,

even for our enemies.


Lord, I pray your blessings on this blog medium in 2013.

That it makes a positive difference in the lives of people.

That the burden out of which it was birthed

cuts through the forces that trample on the dispossessed

and moves us in the directions ordained by you

before the world’s foundations were laid. 

Let this medium speak to the issues you desire to be covered in 2013.

May your Spirit speak to my spirit the areas that must be unearthed.

Breathe on —

that your people can live in a world more committed to you.

A world where your Will matters most.

A world where your love more shapes our affairs —

whether between races, genders, age groups, socioeconomic strata, and nations.


Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness.

Your awesome, unmatched, and unwavering faithfulness in 2012.

Such a great faithfulness, in my life and in the life of the reader.

It was a year of both uncontrollable laughter 

and of bitter tears which rolled down our cheeks.

But thank you, for being here with us.

Indeed, every step of the way.


And whether or not I and the reader

shall see January 1, 2014 —

only you know, Lord.

But I thank you, for your life, death and

resurrection that gives us already,

the opportunity to be seated in heavenly places.

 Thank you, that come what may,

our lives are in your hands.


In the Name that is above all others.

Indeed, the Name of Jesus Christ.





If you stand in-agreement with this prayer, please leave a comment to the same. And may God blessing you and all the good things you touch.




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