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Emphasis on emotionalism, gifts, congregation size, and money all too often leaves churches short in the area of basic teaching. This is happening at a time when Christians must be sufficiently equipped to share and defend the faith in an increasingly secular humanism moral relativism, cultural perversion, and materialistic atheism. These are general observations that might leave some scratching their heads. Perhaps, an illustration clarifies the concern.



(A) The Scenario...

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(B) A Stranger...

Let’s say that a visitor stands during church service. He asks the congregation several questions about the Christian faith. Are you able to answer to the following? <br />
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(C) 11 Questions...

1) How did the New Testament Church arrive at the 66 books that comprise “The Bible”?

2) What are the basic doctrinal differences that separate Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, Mormonism, Islam, and Jehovah Witnesses?

3) In what ways does Calvinism differ from Armenian understanding of the plan of salvation? Which do you believe and why?

4) What historical sources outside of Scriptures attest to the life of Jesus Christ of Nazareth?

5) If challenged, “We don’t know who wrote the Book of Hebrews, so how can you have confidence in this and other books of the Bible?“, what would be your response?

6) What is evil? And how did evil come into existence?

7) Where did Jesus ever say that he was “God”?

8) Is tithing biblical for the New Testament Church?

9) What are the offices established in Scriptures for the New Testament Church?

10) What is “Sola Scriptora”? Is this a biblical concept?

11) Should people believe in “The Trinity” as the term is not in Scriptures?

The visitor now instructs, “For those of you who can answer these questions with clarity, please stand.
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(D) The Point...

This hypothetical situation brings you, the reader, to these questions, “What percentage of the congregation at your local church are now standing? Are you now, sitting or standing?”
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Sadly, it would be safe to assume that in far too many churches, only a small percentage of members can respond to attacks on the Scriptures.

The lack of theological study has serious consequences. Popular culture finds ready consumers in churches where serious study is lacking. In addition, we are hampered in witnessing to a postmodern world where contrasting ideas of God, heresy, agnosticism and atheism, and other influences compete for the minds and hearts of people. And surely God grieves a people that places diminishing emphasis on His Word to tackle engaging theological questions.

We can all be Christian theologians in our own right. We must not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but rather excited about learning, applying The Word, and winning the harvest of an increasingly complex world. 

A FOCUS ON BIBLICAL WORKMANSHIP has set a goal of reaching 1,000 people to join a movement of biblical workmanship. We are planning a number of initiatives to promote the study of Christian theology so as to better ground our views on issues — political, environmental, community and family, economic, etc. — in faith.


For now, this invites you to purchase books that strengthen an understanding about Christianity, as gifts to yourself and to others. Consider hosting family study time, book club readings, and congregational activities around these works. In addition to ordering the books below, please contact us to recommend books. Finally, if you are interested in starting a book club or discussion group around the topics of these books, please let us know by clicking here.


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